Tech And Design


WiFi Design Service & Consultation, and Installation

Allow us to design and install reliable and efficient 802.11 wireless network for you. Whether for home or business, We will present you with the best solutions for your internet and sharing needs. Need a simple Wifi connection? There is not too small job for us. So count on us for all your wifi needs.


Home Network, Printer and Files Sharing

Share your media files or any other files over the network. Connect all your devices and computers to the printer via Wired or Wireless and access to it even from internet.

Parental Control

We can setup different users account for your home computer with different privileges , as you need, for your privacy and the safety of your loves ones. Do you worry about who your teenager is chatting with online? Do you worry that your school-age child will accidentally stumble upon a pornography site while trying to do their homework? If you own a computer and have children or teenagers in your home, then Internet filtering software is a must. We come to your home, help you purchase, install, and configure Internet filtering software that protects your children from Internet predators, obscene websites, objectionable chat rooms, and more. (sofware not include).


Secure Network and Internet

Advanced network security technologies are being developed to protect data and preserve privacy, especially Internet privacy.High security is always need it at your home or business wifi network. We will let you know the best option for your and yours.