Tech And Design

We provide technical support to different OS platforms; on site, off site or remotely.

Troubleshooting / Free Estimate
We can troubleshoot and diagnose problems with your hardware, software, network, email and much more. Through  different tests and diagnostics checks, we will get to the bottom of your system problem and let you know the best possible solution . Free if you hire us to fix the problem. For NYC costumer. Free estimate/diagnosis and pick up. With out any type or obligation.

Computer Setup
Got a new Mac, Ipad, iphone or any other apple products? need to set it up ? Our technician will do it for you and will answer any concern that you may have about your new product and how to get the best of it


Hardware Repair

We can repair any problem with your apple product.  We can repair, install or upgrade any hardware such as LCD, Keyboard Ac jack, logic boards, case, DVD players, and more. (Hardware not included) We will let you know the cost of the necessary hardware to be change or fix it.

NOTE : in case of fluid over a computer ... please DO NOT TURN IT ON . unplug it and take the battery off .Put the computer over paper towel or similar up side down and call us.

Software Repair Technician will install your preferred Operating System or repair your Operating System as you need it. This service does not included any OS software. In case you want us to buy it for you… we will charge you the market price of the OS plus the service cost. Estimate time 2-3 hours . Its the problem any other Software ? Not problem, just let us know and we will look at it for you.

Data Migration

We will install and setup a back up  device and leave ready to do automatic back up every time you need it. ( one External device installation and setup). Got a new computer and want to transfer all your files ? We can help, with data migracion you will have all your files where you most need it . Data transfer could be done at your locations or in our repair shop. The technician will let you know the best option.

Data Recovery

Technician will pick up your drive or computer to process the Data Recovery. Most of the time and depending on how deep is the drive is damage, data can be recovery from it ! But in the case that there is no data recovered ... no charge will apply. The technician will let you know the best option.