Tech And Design

For Restaurants

We sell, service and install POS system. Bringing you a complete POS solutions for your type of business. Togheter with our parteners we can bring to you the perfect software that will fits your business needs.Whether deploying multiple POS stations in single or multiple locations. it will delivers ease-of-use and functionality for successful business growth. Between our hardware and sotfware you will find the right feature that will help you manage your business.


  • Tax sales reports
  • Employes tracking sales
  • Low cost solution
  • Feature rich design
  • Sales Reports by date, month or anually
  • Employes access control
  • Ease to export reports to your payroll agent o accounting
  • Merchant services and gift certificates (cards) services
  • Training of managers and staff
  • Outstanding service and support
  • All-in-one POS terminals with touch screen monitors and credit card readers installed
  • Wireless handheld devices for best flexibility


Quick Service Point Of Sales

Coffee Shop, Ice Cream store, Frozen Yogurt store, Food Truck Ect. Quick service restaurants or stores are fast-paced establishments where nothing is more important than speed, accuracy, and efficiency. We will provide you the perfect solution to keep lines moving while allowing for easily customizable orders and clear communication between the counter and the kitchen

Ring Up Sales

    • Streamline your checkout process to keep lines
    • Customize your button layout and change prices effortlessly
    • Easily modify orders to account for different sizes and add-ons
    • Print customized notes to the kitchen printer
    • Capture customer information for email marketing around promotions and events
    • Accept mobile payment options like PayPal and LevelUp to speed transactions


    Manage Your Business

    • Understand your profit margins and more with a wide array of reports
    • Manage food inventories down to the ingredient level
    • Track hard good quantitie4s for items like bottles of soda and bags of chips
    • View inventory levels remotely, perfect when you’re shopping at a supplier
    • Use our Reorder Report and order triggers to ensure you’re never out of stock
    • Track the hours your employees work with time clock functionality
    • View sales by hour to align staffing with demand
    • Monitor real-time sales from your smartphone