Tech And Design

Security Cameras

We service, sell and install, complete security system cameras for horme, for cars, indoor or outdoor.

  • HD and Analog Cameras
  • Day/Night - Outdoor indoor
  • IP cameras
  • Internet Streaming DVR and NVR

Nanny Cams

We cant protect our love ones, while we are away, but with today technology we can keep a eye on then and their care taker. .

  • Easy to Use
  • Remote recording
  • Many covers cam to choose from
  • Remote view

Surveillance System Kits

We are a complete solution for your surveillance proyects. Offering you the best option in system kits with or without installation. Lets us give an estimate free of charge in NYC

  • 4 to 24 or more cameras System Kits
  • High Resolution System
  • Internet streaming and remote view


Our DVR's or NVR's support remote view using your smarthphone or computer. You will be able not only to see real time but also to playback what its recorded.

  • Work with any smarthprhone
  • Remote record or local recoarder
  • take and save instant pictures
  • Motion detect alarm